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We want to help build a more convenient payment experience for you, whether it's by reducing the clutter of cheques, helping you lighten the weight of loose change from your wallet, pay just about anyone at the tip of your fingers

Yintran Group is a Fintech company based in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. Our founders have professional backgrounds from Asia Pacific and the US. These collective international backgrounds not only set the tone for the global standard by which we benchmark our work, but stress the importance of planting the roots of what we do in local practices. In product terms, this means that we care both about pushing the envelope and about ensuring that what we build is adoptable and truly of use to those we serve - we care that you do as well.

This also means that your input at Yintran will have a direct and sizable impact on the community and people around you. This is no small task, which is why culture matters: we’re the kind of people who, when we see a problem, we want to solve it; we observe how something has always been done, and we question if it could be done better; and if we see that our team is facing a tight deadline, we chip in to help, no matter our title. This team spirit and blend of research, strategy, implementation and design make this a uniquely hands-on and exciting role that will provide an opportunity to develop your skills in multiple domains (e.g., Design, Engineering, Marketing, Operations, among others) across the company.

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